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Public transport

Our room & breakfast is located in the historic center of Modena, a 20-minute walk from the central station and 15 from the bus station.

The closest bus stops are Emilia Centro Posta (lines 7 and 11), Duomo (lines 6 and 11) and Canalchiaro bivio Bertolda (lines 6 and 11).

What to see in Modena

Piazza Grande, the Dome, Ghirlandina

Modena Old Town and its ancient arcades are just a few steps away from our B&B. There you can admire the original medieval old town and Piazza Grande (big square) with the 17th century Town Hall, the Dome dedicated to San Geminiano, patron of the city, and the bell-tower called Ghirlandina, which has been awarded in 1997 as UNESCO World Heritag Site, together with Piazza Grande.

The Dome, made of stone in 1184 by the architect Lanfranco, is a true masterpiece of Italian Romanesque art and it's also the seat of Modena-Nonatola Archdiocese.

On the Façade of the Dome there are the amazing bas-relieves portraying the Stories of Genesis made by Wiligelmo, the most famous Italian sculptor of that period, and dating back to the end of the XI century.
Next to the Dome you can admire the symbol of Modena: Ghirlandina bell-tower, 86 meters high and visible from the whole city.


Palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace)

Ducal Palace is in Piazza Roma (Roma Square). It was the seat of the Estensi court, the Dukes of Modena and Reggio Emilia, who ruled from the 16th century until the unification of Italy. Today the Ducal Palace is the seat of Modena's prestigious Military Academy, which is the training institute for future army officers and carabinieri.

This building, in baroque style, was made according to the project of Gaspare Vigarani and Bartolomeo Avanzini (maybe also supervised by the famous artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini) and it was completed in 1634. Palazzo Ducale shows and embodies the prestige and the elegance of Estensi court. You can visit it by submitting the application to the Command of the Military Accademy.

Behind it you can admire the green ducal garden, which is now a public garden, with the university's botanic garden.

Enzo Ferrari Museum – MEF

Engine and Ferrari lovers can't miss Enzo Ferrari Museum. It is in a futuristic building near the Drake's native home and a few steps away from the main station, it hosts some of the most iconic cars that have written Ferrari's history.


Cards Museum

Modena is the homeland of Panini Brothers, who founded in 1961 the company that became leader in editing collection cards.
Cards' lovers will surely enjoy this museum in Corso (avenue) Canalgrande where they can see different and several card collections: football players, movie stars and animals, too.


Museums Palace

The heart of Modena's museums beats in largo Porta Sant'Agostino, in the former Arsenal of the Dukes of Modena. On the ground floor you can see the Roman lapidary as well as the lapidary Museum of Estensi Family and get back to the II century BC, when the city was founded as a Roman colony on the Via Emilia (Emilia Road), made a few years before.
Upstairs you find the Estensi Library, as well as the municipal historical archive and "Luigi Poletti" Library, full of historical and artistic documents.
The Bible of Borso D'Este is the highlight of the Library and is considered by many as the most beautiful book in the world, dated back to the half of 15th century.
The Civic Museum shows the history of Modena and its territory, thanks to many findings and artworks from prehistory to the present day. On the third floor you can admire the masterpieces of Correggio, Guido Reni, Guercino, Tintoretto, Bernini, Velazquez and El Greco, too.